that's not my name.

Name: Janani D/O Tharrmaraja
Nickname: Nani, Nainee, Naiyee -__-
Age: 15
Date Of Birth: 06 November 1997
Email: janani_trollz123@hotmail.com
Residing in: Jurong, Singapore (West)
Schools: Lakeside Primary School, Yuan Ching Secondary School, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Flavors: http://flavors.me/colourmyrainbow
Facebook: http://facebook.com/oneway.traffic (You have to log in to your own Facebook account to see my account.)

I started blogging several years ago when I was 10 (omg). I still remember that my domain name was 'jananifriends' (lol wtf). But back then, I blogged about random and stupid things considering that I was a kid. I took blogging more seriously when I was 13. However, I went on a long hiatus and practically stopped blogging for a few months. At the end of the year 2011, I decided to start blogging again until I went on an hiatus again. Around June 2012, I'm back to blogging and my blog has been running ever since. I have deleted all of my old posts and started anew. Even though, I don't update it often, I still update it time to time. But I might have to go on another hiatus soon because my O's are coming up, but for now, let's just hope that doesn't happen :-)

FYI, I blog for myself and for no one else. The main reason I even blog is to pin down my thoughts and doings, so that when I grow older, I will look at my blog and recall all the things I did back then. It practically serves as a memory. No doubt that I will have pictures and items/objects that provide me with memories, I also don't want to forget my thoughts as I was a teen.

I started blogskinning when I was 12. Initially, I always used other people's basecodes. But now, after much knowledge, I code my own skins using my own skills. View my blogskins?

About my life
I think I'm a bubbly and easy-going person. Though, I admit that I'm definitely not an independent girl. I always rely on people and I always need someone to be there for me. I am really self-conscious and am afraid of how society judges. I hate to be seen alone in public, but hey I'm trying my best to be more courageous and to not let society get in my way.

I am the type that doesn't start a conversation with strangers. I'm actually more likely to end it instead. In the cyber world, I seem to interact a lot. But in reality, I'm actually a sore loser who sucks at striking up conversations with people. Even though I am super awkward with people I'm not close too, if you get to know me (or are close to me), you will come to think that I'm not that bad after all (self-praise hehe). I literally go crazy in front of people I'm close to (too crazy that most of them jokingly pretend that they don't know me).

I like making people laugh and/or smile, because it just makes me happy. I have no idea what career I want to pursue in the future. However, recently I've been thinking of becoming a social worker. Even though the pay is less, I am willing to sacrifice to see the smiles on people's faces. Maybe I will, we'll see how.

Overall, I think I'm actually a really friendly and approachable person :-)
(side track abit) Tbh, I think I give the best advices to my friends heh.

My love life
I currently have 11 husbands.